Vin de noix, or nocino in Italy, was a popular aperitif in Europe. Nobelle is proud to bring this ancient pleasure back to life.

According to legend, if you put walnut branches cut during the Saint Jean above your front door, you will have luck the rest of the year!

Vineyard notes
No vineyard here but an organic orchard, a few blocks from my house. My neighbor was happy to trade a few buckets of green walnuts for some wine!

Winemaking notes
Maceration, maceration and maceration. One has to wait the right amount of time to extract all the flavors from these rich walnuts. After few months the mixture is moved and aged in new french oak barrels.

Tasting notes
Syrupy and velvety, our 2013 walnut wine still has the characteristics of an old world beverage without the flaws. Crisp and bright without any reduction or oxidation, the walnuts bring pleasant earthy notes.


Walnut Wine




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