2013 Carmenère

Vineyard notes

Colbert in San Miguel is one of the only vineyards to carry the varietal in the region. Carmenère always ripens late; mid-October to mid-November is the usual picking time. The leaves turn black in fall, which is very surprising and rare! 100% Carmenère.

Winemaking notes
Ahhh Carmenère! I never worked with it in France and always liked the Argentinian/Chilean style that was easy to achieve here, thanks to the growing conditions in 2013. The fruit came cleanly to the winery and right after crushing (less than 24 hours later) we inoculated the batch with classic Bordeaux yeast. After press we moved the wine to a Le Roi pungeon where it aged for 24 months. 76 cases produced.

Tasting notes
This varietal has a light and delicate perfume. The density of the wine is very interesting, a lot of weight, followed by long and smooth spice. It will go perfectly with a rack of lamb with rosemary or similar, the simpler the better!


100/100 Carmenère






55 cases


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